SUNY Fredonia - Department of Theatre and Dance
Scene Shop Supervisor

The work that I have done professionally at Fredonia, has encompassed many aspects of technical supervision, leading to a broad range of responsibilities. This has of course included the basics of shop organization, maintaining the tools and the space, teaching the proper use of the tools, and ensuring shop safety. The position has also included procuring the materials and equipment needed for production. As a mentor for the student Technical Directors, I have supervised them in their engineering, build and load schedules, as well as teaching them to be good leaders in the shop. My supervisory responsibilities and experience has not been limited to the scene shop, however. I have overseen the use of the performance spaces by all departments during load-in and load-outs, ensuring the student crews are making use of their time in the space safely and efficiently.

In addition to my technical responsibilities, I have had various administrative responsibilities. In coordination with the Costume Shop Supervisor, I have been the instructor of record and administrator of Theatre and Dance Production practicums for students in the department. I have kept record on who has what assignments, what hours they have participated, as well as administrating call times and dates. Keeping track of that has led to me creating and maintaining the season production calendar for the department. I have also been the record keeper for all production expenses for the department. I have created a Microsoft Access database for the generation of purchase paperwork, tracking expenses per season, per show, as well as per department.

2007-2008 Season

Rocky Horror Tartuffe Aunt Raini Victor, Victoria
The Rocky Horror Show Tartuffe Aunt Raini Victor, Victoria


2008-2009 Season

Marat/Sade A Christmas Carol Urinetown Romeo & Juliet
Marat/Sade A Christmas Carol Urinetown Romeo & Juliet

2009-2010 Season

Marat/Sade A Christmas Carol
Romeo & Juliet
Charlotte's Web Fuddy Meers Elektra Kiss Me, Kate

Additional Work:

Budgeting Database
Season Calendar