The Barnstormers Theatre

Summer Season 2001

I started this season as Assistant Technical Director, but served as Technical Director for the last 2 shows, since our TD had to get back to graduate school before the season ended. Since he had to leave, I was responsible for preparing the space for the winter season. This included hanging a stock light plot (provided by the resident Lighting Designer), providing repertory masking, and leaving accurate drawings of the space for the following season (which we did not have).

John Brown's Body

Earnest, In Love

Shippel, The Plumber

Stage Picture 1
Stage Picture 2

The Hollow

Stage Picture

Social Security

Stage Picture

Abigail's Party

Stage Picture

The Crucible

Taking Steps

Night Must Fall

Ground Plan

2001-2002 Winter Season Prep

Facility Ground Plan
Winter Season Masking
Facility Section