Florida Stage Project

This was a class project that I took beyond the assigned requirements of the project. The assignment pertaining to Florida Stage was to write up a space book based on the requirements provided by the "client," Florida Stage. This was criteria based on an earlier project done by the professor's firm. The final project for the class was to design a stage and auditorium. This was more to study sightline analysis, building codes, and ADA compliance of the auditorium. I took it a little further and included all supporting spaces as detailed by the space book in the design. I also fit the design into the actual planned location of the project, though the professional design for Florida Stage was actually removed from the actual building. I also included renderings of the spaces (executed in Vectorworks) in the first project. Through a later project, I spec'ed the rigging system for the space.

Space Book
Site Location
Building Section
Basement Plan
1st Floor Plan
2nd Floor Plan
3rd Floor Plan
Rigging System Plan and Drop/Batten Schedule
Rigging System Section
Rigging System Transverse Section
Seating List


Balcony View
Orchestra View
Stage View